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Graduation Requirements

  Father Yermo High school Graduation requirements


Father Yermo High School offers the “Distinguished Level of Achievement Plan”.  A student, while working on his/her diploma plan, may also qualify for ENDORSEMENTS   which are specialized courses that guide students according to their talents and aptitudes, and prepare for their future professional occupation. Endorsement requires two more advanced course credits for graduation; a total of 32 credits.


When a student nears the completion of his/her high school program, the Dean of Studies will call him/her to review his/her status.  The school requires a minimum of 30 credits for graduation; students who do not complete the required credits will need to comply with additional academic classes or activities as of the date of graduation.    


Graduation requirements include a minimum of credits, plus additional, if endorsements plan is pursued: 


  • A minimum of 4 years of English plus electives in Reading, Technical Writing, Research, Communication Applications, Yearbook, Journalism, Newspaper and Dual Credit; honors components in English II, III and IV are also available.  For ELL students, an ESOL class is always offered for strengthening skills in English.  Achieve 3000 is used to enlarge skills in English, reading, and writing. 
  • A minimum of four  years of Math to include Algebra I and Algebra II, Geometry, Honors Precalculus, Honors Calculus, Math Models and Dual Credit in Precalculus 1314 and Calculus 2413.
  • A minimum 4 years of Science beginning with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology-Meteorology-Oceanology and Honors Anatomy and Physiology. Honors Chemistry and Physics are also offered.
  • 4 years of Social Sciences starting with World Geography, World History, US History, Government, Economics, Government 2305, Government 2306, Economics 2301 and Dual Credit Education 1300.
  • 4 years of Faith Formation
  • 1 year of College Readiness
One year of Computer Science that introduces students to programming.  The curriculum includes Snap, an approachable block-based programming language.  Students are also introduced to CODE.  STEM is offered within the endorsement, and includes robotics, project-based curriculum, game design and competitive activities.
  • 4 years of Foreign Langue, (Spanish) to include AP Spanish or 3 years of French
  • 2 years of Fine Arts that may be  Art History, Art Appreciation,  Music, Drama, Drawing or  Creative Art.
One elective
  • 1 year of Health & Physical Education.   


The second graduation plan offered by Father Yermo is called the Foundation High School Plan.   This plan requires a total of 27 credits:  4 years of English; 3 years of  Math;  4 years of Faith Formation; 3 years of Social Studies and 3 years of Science; 2 years of Language; 1 year of Physical Education and Fine Arts; ½ year of Speech and Health, plus six  elective  credits.  


Students are required to complete at least 3 college applications before graduation.