Father Yermo Schools 3K-12TH Co-ed Academics, Leadership, Faith, & Service

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Innovative Courses


The United States Department of Education invites to “promote student achievement & preparation for global competitiveness by fostering education of excellence and cross-cultural communication skills”.  In order to succeed in this global society Father Yermo students learn to understand the culture and how to work, compete, manage and face global problems.  The curriculum offers innovative courses that initiate at small age. 


Music clases 4k-8th grade.  Ensemble playing, singing, rhythm, ear training, brings different languages and cultures together with performances in cantatas, plays, guitar playing, and choirs.  


Neuromotor  Program, Edu-Spark 4K-8th grade.  A very innovative exercise program of group motor and object control skills that enhance brain activity and lifelong wellbeing of the  children; it is offered in addition to the PE regular program. 


Advanced Mathematics & Languages courses at the Junior High levels.  Extra, advanced high school level courses in Algebra and Spanish language are accessible to 8th grade students that prepare them to further AP and honor courses. 


 “Drama & Theater classes from 5th to 8th grade.  Representations, performing, dancing, and creation of art work build expressive self-confident students, while elements of play & humor bring full potential alive.  “The Grinch”, “Wizard of Oz”, “Broadway Christmas”, “The Passion”, and “Hansel & Gretel” are some examples of the productions. 


Technology Programs from 4K to 8th grade.  Implementation of Jamf Education creates better technology management for instruction, and Achieve 3000 advances the learning comprehension of core subjects.


Honor Courses 9th-12th.  Offered to selected students, challenges with more in depth learning, and increases the GPA for scholarship contest.  


AP Spanish Course.The   fourth year of Spanish gives students the opportunity to apply for twelve (12) university credits. Appropriate testing is coordinated by the College Board Association. 


Foreign Language Program 9th-12th.   The Foreign Language Department offers a quality program of  six semesters of French and 8 semesters of Spanish intended to draw the students into the geography, art, history, culture, food and much more of different countries of the world; it gives students the opportunity to experience global knowledge breaking the barrier of ignorance.  


Yearbook Production 9th-12thThe design of the annual school yearbook preserves the history of the school.  Graphics, phrases, theme, picture developing and selection, are all student work.  Each year, students attend professional workshops to excel themselves in the production of the yearbook.